Coron 2016: Twin Lagoon

Up next is the Twin Lagoon.

It was okay, really nice and pretty. It seems to be a lot deeper than Kayangan Lake, and the water was a lot bluer too. Though I think the latter is directly because of the former.


our tour group at the Twin Lagoon

It may not be as clear as Kayangan, but one thing’s for sure: the water here is clearer than most. Take a look at these pictures we have of us sitting on our life vests. The water is so clear that you can literally see right through it. In Kat’s picture, it’s almost as if there’s no water at all., it was a lot colder than Kayangan, but only in some areas. If you moved even just a foot or two, the water was sometimes warm. I totally didn’t understand what was happening, but I made it a little game to find cool patches in the water where I could stay in while my friends and I took photos. I did a little research afterwards though, and it turns out that this is because the cold freshwater in the lagoon meets the hot, salty seawater from outside, presumably through cracks in the rocks. Well, that definitely explains the differences in the water’s temperature.

the guys go first

And actually, for me, getting inside was the most fun part. We were made to wear our life vests and float, in a straight line where you hook your legs in the armpits of the person “in front” of you while the one “behind” you hooks his legs in your armpits. Okay, that was a very confusing explanation. Here’s a picture to better explain what I meant.

this honestly feels nice, just floating away

Since there were 20 of us, we must have looked really funny! Just imagine a long line of people being dragged along the waters like this. There were some divers there and they were looking at us with amusement on their faces.

hola amiga

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Twin Lagoon, if only for the fact that we basically just played around here!

bff goals instead of relationship goals, yaaaas!

That’s it for the Twin Lagoons! The next post will be about our lunch at Banul Beach, then CYC Beach, then finally, snorkeling around Balinsasayaw.


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